Autopsy 'Sasikala'

Annex 4 - Autopsy 'Sasikala' Comments to Annexe 4 – Post-mortem Report Post-mortem report of Mr Ajeesh and Mr Valentine, 16 February 2012 With the release of the Indian documents, from the safe where they had been held since the beginning, what has surely received greater prominence in the Italian press were the autopsies, for the obvious reason that they provided objective data that was easily understandable: the size of a bullet. This analysis obviously lacks the skills to question any forensic aspect (no professional in this field questioned so far wanted to comment this document) so we shall limit the analysis to the measurements of the two bullets found, the first in the body of elder fisherman Valentine and the second in young Pinku. Valentine Jalestine The Bullet-1 ANNEX 4: Le misure del proiettile #1 The size of the bullet found cannot be disputed; its calibre and length are 7.62x31mm The Bullet-1-lenght Le misure del proiettile refertato (sopra) - (immagini esemplificative NON raffigurano il reperto originale) it is not a bullet issued to the Italian team, it has nothing to do with the weapons seized on the Lexie, and it is not even standard Western equipment. Comparazione dimensionale cartucce Tavola comparativa: La lunghezza di alcuni tipi di proiettili. A destra quelli in uso sulla Lexie (cal. 5.56) This is a Russian manufactured bullet, even designed in the late 1800’s, which underwent further evolution and can be attributed to cartridge 7.62x54R. This round can be fired by firearms indeed widespread, either used by regular armed forces or illegally or even by pirates. Videos and images document this: (see:,62x54_mm_R) For example in India weapons suitable for this cartridge are known to be manufactured by the state factory "Ordnance Factory Tiruchirappalli". (see: We do not wish to speculate that this bullet was fired by a weapon of the Indian, Sri Lankan or any other armed forces. Our aim is to show that this bullet could not be fired by weapons issued to the Italian military escort team protecting MV Enrica Lexie as all these had a 5.56mm calibre. Ajees Pinku In this case the size of the bullet is different: The-Bullet-2 ANNEX 4: The bullet measure #2 We are faced with a compressed bullet, deformed after impacting against very strong bone, as confirmed by the following passage: Ajesh-brano1 ANNEX 4: Ajees Pinku Post-Mortem #1 The penetration wound size, due to bullet entrance, is incompatible with the entry hole of a calibre 5.56mm bullet: - Lacerated penetrating wound of entrance 2.7x1.6 cm (27x16mm) ANNEX 4 Conclusions Both bullets have a size differing from those that can be fired by the weapons supplied to the Italian military. In the first case (Jelestine) it is evident to the naked eye. Since the autopsies were carried out after the incident on 16th February, this means that the two Italian military should not have even been arrested, when a simple check on the calibre of the weapons available on the ship would have been enough to clear them. But the autopsies were not disclosed and on 17.02.2012 Ms N.G. Nisha, from the Forensic Science Laboratory, carries out an inspection on the St Antony fishing boat, recovers the fragments of two bullets, decides with a naked eye (by estimating hundredths of a millimetre with a tape measure) that these fragments have a 5.56mm calibre. (See document Annex8) The two Italian military on 19.02.2012 were not acquitted but arrested merely on this basis. Sopralluogo St.Antony 17.03.12 Inspection on board of the St.Antony (Venad News video) We will find these two bullet fragments also in the Ballistic Expert Report of Annex 7, signed by the same Ms N.G. Nisha, where she states “It is not possible to opine” whether these fragments came from the rifles seized and had a 5.56mm calibre. - “It is not possible to opine whether the fragmented jacket piece is discharged through any of the firearms or spare barrels involved in this case or not”. Conclusioni Esame Balistico da ANNEX 7: the uncertain conclusion of the ballistic examination In fact, as may be read in the Ballistic Expert Report, the fragments of one bullet weigh 0.8 grams and those of the other bullet weigh between 0.4 and 0.1 grams. It is not clear how on 17.02.2012 Ms N.G. Nisha may conclude that the calibre was 5.56mm, by even assessing that with a tape measure as shown by videos. Again it should be noted that from the start the aim of the investigation was to nail the Italian military by creating documents, apparently technical in nature, but with unfounded conclusions. The document which would have immediately cleared the Italian military Italian, the post-mortem reports of Annex 4, was never disclosed. We have it now only because of the judicial transparency of the ITLOS in Hamburg. (Translator: Mario Ricci)