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This web site deals with the story of the two Italian Marines in the last four years in "judicial custody in India”, accused of killing two fishermen during an anti-piracy escort service.

It will be useful to lawyers and judges of the international Tribunal of the Hague ( to the non italian public opinion as well) to make a proper assessment of the situation, and specifically of the indian allegations of guilt, that was repeated on the 6th August 2015 before the Hamburg Court, despite India, neither had started the trial against the two accused, neither had filed the charges.

As the Indian judicial documents proving the allegations, in these four years, have not been made public (not even delivered to the Italian judiciary that had requested), everything remained uncertain. But Indian authorities have made a wise media use of them, trying to confirm, on many occasions, a "guilt" that the proof of facts shows nonexistent.

Nonexistent, because fortunately, on August 27, 2015 the undersigned has requested these documents to the Court of Hamburg where India had them deposited as Annexes to a written document, strongly confirming that the two accused are guilty. And the Hamburg Court sent them to me after a few hours.

It was therefore possible to examine the various original documents (I am a Court Expert with twenty years of experience in complex investigations in aeronautics field) having the confirmation that they are inconsistent, omissive and prejudicial.

Everyone can judge by himself.

The two accused Marines have been for four years under the Indian Penal jurisdiction. Italy asked that, while the Hague Tribunal decides about the jurisdiction (expected decision to mid-2018), the two are free to return to Italy (one, Salvatore Girone, now is in forced residence at the Italian embassy in India; the other, Massimiliano Latorre, now is in Italy recovering from a stroke and is subjected to various "permission" from the Indian side (the next will expire April 30, 2016).

This work, which submits to judges, lawyers and international public opinion, the legal inconsistency of the Indian allegations and the exploitation of an unsustainable prosecution before any court of "Rule of Law", urges the decision makers to bring back to Italy the two accused, while pending the definitive decision of the Hague Tribunal.

It’s unbearable to think that the blaming rant settled by the Indian Authorities at the Hamburg Court on August 6, 2015, containing itself, in supporting attachments, the innocence evidence, might influence the judges on the decision to leave the two accused in indian judicial custody.

The inconsistency of the charges is proved beyond a reasonable doubt, and we, as Italian public opinion, will enforce.

(Translation by Raffaella Bonadies)

Rome, January 31, 2016 - Luigi Di Stefano (Court Expert (italian - back to return)

This web site was made with the support and collaboration of Adriana (Paris) Anna (Monfalcone), Antonio (Bari), Dionisia (Palermo), Elisa (Monfalcone), Filippo (Roma), Irene (Palmi), Luigi (Roma), Mario (Viareggio), Maurizio (Monfalcone), Mirka (Bologna), Nicola (Brescia), Raffaella (Bologna),

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Il lavoro di analisi dimostra l'innocenza di due cittadini italiani. Puo' essere confutato, discusso vivisezionato e ritenuto poco credibile, anche se abbiamo studiato a lungo la cosa e siamo in grado di ribattere. Ma il silenzio si spiega anche con il fastidio di tanta parte dell'informazione verso chi ha fatto il lavoro che sarebbe stato compito di un giornalismo rigoroso e senza pregiudizi...

Ma e' una battaglia, la nostra, che continua. Vi chiedo di aiutarci a diffonderla. Comunque vada, non molliamo.
                          (Toni Capuozzo)

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